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10 Day Fasting Experience

I remember talking to the Lord on Christmas Day in 2020. I felt the Lord nudging me to do a ten-day fast.

Like other believers, I feel like I have been on a journey since I gave my heart to Christ - a journey to experience Him in new ways, on new levels.

I felt like I heard the Father say, “This fast will change your life and your walk with Me. I am about to ask you to do harder things and this will require you to say no to your flesh. This fast is training for the years ahead,” then I heard the Lord say, “If you...then I…”

I am a very black and white person and don’t particularly care much to read between the lines, but I knew He was saying that if I commit to the sacrifice of denying myself of fleshly desires and reach for Him instead of a Nutty Bar at night, He would meet me in that place. His Word would be food and His voice would be my comfort.

It was impressed upon my heart to do ten full days, but in the past, every time I tried I failed…miserably. But this time there was an urgency - a call to see it through to the end.

I want to give a quick description of how each day went and what I gleaned from my experience.

Day One:

I experienced tiredness, nausea and a horrible headache for the full day. It was real fun. But in the shower that evening, I heard the Lord say, “You will know why I asked you to give me ten days when this is over.” I trusted the voice I heard in my heart and pressed forward.

That night I had a dream about a woman with small children. The woman was tricked into sexual slavery. The dream was vivid and the sorrow I experienced when I woke up was overwhelming.

Day Two:

This day was not as bad as the first day. I went for a walk in the fresh air, but the hardest part of the day was buying groceries for my family. I was nearly drooling while picking out items for my kids’ lunchboxes. Not to mention, we drove somewhere as a family that evening and my husband and children decided to eat cheeseburgers and drink milkshakes with me in the car. But I didn’t cave! This truly had to be the Spirit of the Lord. Can I get an amen?

Day Three:

Day three went great. I did a fifteen minute silent prayer and it was very impactful, sometimes, just sitting in the presence of the Lord can heal us in deep ways, and we don’t have to say or do anything. We just sit in His energy waves of love.

Day Four:

Ok, it was super hard. My coworkers told me I was being cranky at work. I don’t deny that I probably was, but still, I pressed on.

Day Five:

A spiritual moment happened in my car as I was driving home from work. Tears were streaming down my face as I felt the Lord show me how much food had become a true idol in my life. He showed me that when life gets hard I reach for food before I reach for the Father. I never really saw food as an idol, this was truly a new perspective for me but my eyes were opened and I appreciated what He was revealing. My physical symptoms were a white-coated tongue and a metal taste in my mouth.

Day Six:

On this day, I heard the Lord speak very clearly to me about my marriage. He told me about the things I had sown into it and what I was reaping out of it. He spoke a serious Word to me about changes that would have to be made in my own life and in my heart.

The hardest part of day six, was watching all my co-workers eat Chick-Fil-A next to me. Why, God, why!? It truly was the work of Satan.

Day Seven:

It was a day of breakthrough for me. I feel great, more confident, and clear-headed and I am getting GREAT sleep at night.

Day Eight:

Have you ever heard anyone say, “After the third day of a fast, you aren’t really hungry anymore…?” Well, they lied to your face, I was starving!

Day Nine:

I allowed myself to have orange juice, pineapple and mango. I felt that a lot of anxiety and nervousness had left my body and I was more patient and loving at home. I was very grateful for the juice and the small amount of fruit.

Day Ten:

Physically, I felt amazing! I was mentally, physically and spiritually empowered. What an amazing experience with the Father!

After my fasting experience I heard the Lord say, “I want you to stop filling the voids within your heart with food. That’s why I wanted you to fast. When you fast and look to Me, I am faithful to fill those voids of emptiness and loneliness in your life.”

What a wonderful Comforter we have!

We would love to hear how your fasting experiences have gone. We are honored that you read our blogs. It is a joy to do ministry with my mom. We love you and hope this encouraged you!

Much love,

Jenn Simmons


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