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A Heart like His...

A few years ago I attended a prophetic painting event. The women there prayed and asked the Holy Spirit to fill our hearts, hands and paint brushes. Worship music filled the air and the presence of the Father was thick and manifest. Feeling Him physically made my eyes fill with tears and warmed my heart.

As I closed my eyes I asked Him what I should paint. I cried from the deepest parts of my soul and I asked the Father in heaven to give me a heart like His. The next thought that filled my head was, “You already have a heart like mine.” I instantly started painting a red heart on the canvas and wrote in the center of the heart one, single word… “Family.”

Just then, I knew that the Lord spoke the most precious desire of His own heart deep into my own soul.

Family was His heartbeat and He was making it mine too. The rhythm of His life was flowing through my veins and He was bringing healing and joy the only way a true Father can.

I made a lot of mistakes in my late teens and early twenties that made me feel like I was the last person on the face of the earth that deserved children or a happy home full of joy and life.

But when we feel like there is no way to fix all the messes we have made, here comes our Dad telling us that it’s okay and He knows how to turn all that ugly into beauty.

After repentance, and giving the Lord my life, submitting my addictions, hurts and wounds I found that He traded all my worthless ashes for His crown of glory and blessings. What greater gift can you receive in life than the Father’s love?

So why did we start The Beautiful Blessings? We started it because everyone wants a loving family, a nurturing home environment and a relationship with their true Father. But statistics prove that most people don’t come anything close to that. Most people come from abuse of all types, neglect, and hardship.

Life’s not easy and it’s not always fair but if you allow the Holy Spirit to mend your broken places, change the desires of your heart and live through you however He wants to, you will always belong in the arms of the Father and He will never reject you or hurt you.

Jesus paid it all so that you and I can be a part of His family and His kingdom.

If Family is important to my Dad in heaven, it better be important to me the few years I have here on earth.

If He cares about inheritance, passing down blessings, and a joy-filled home, I want to care about it also.

Leave a comment below if you relate or feel like your greatest desire is for a peaceful, joy-filled home.

At The Beautiful Basics, we are cheering you on and no matter what you are facing in your life.

Just remember, you are accepted, you belong and you are deeply loved.


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