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Changes and Updates

My mom and I have been in seasons of transition at the Beautiful Basics and we wanted to tell you all about it. We still have events on the calendar for this year and we are starting to see things open up with children going back to school. Praise the Lord! Or, as my mom would say, “Hallelujah!”

Here is a quick run-down of all that has been happening in our households…

My father recently retired and my mom is really enjoying this! He gets to be home, relax, travel and enjoy his grandchildren more than ever.

My mom, Sandy, broke her arm while staying at Great Wolf Lodge with all the grandkids at her infamous annual event, “Grand-Camp.” She is doing great but hates the fact she can’t use both arms to fix her hair. I would be upset too.

I got a job about a month ago. This is a DREAM job for me; I work for an organization in Fort Worth that fights child abuse. It is a husband and wife attorney team that trains churches on how to prevent abuse in not only churches, but also schools or any other program children are involved in. Honestly, I couldn’t be happier! I love what I do, who I work for, and I am passionate about the purpose. God is so good!

This brings me to our children, schools in Texas are opening and all t

hree of our little boys start on August 20th. I don’t know one mom that isn’t worried about this. Some parents are worried about schools being too strict on virus guidelines and some moms don’t want to send their children to school at all. Deep breaths. We will see this through.

You never know what life is going to throw at you…2020 unwrapped a virus, a world-wide shutdown, protests that have brought destruction and chaos to our nation, and most importantly 2020 brings us a Presidential election.

Not only has the world been flipped upside down, every home in America feels the stress and uncertainty of what is happening.

Here at the Beautiful Basics, we are still cheering you on. We pray that the Lord’s truth and love shines through you brighter and stronger than ever in this new season. Because no matter who you are, you have just stepped into a new season. Let’s embrace every season with God’s grace and know that we are truly safe under the care of the Heavenly Father.

We are going to announce some events coming up and also some webinars planned for the Fall 2020. We hope you can join us!

Much Love,

Jenn Simmons

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