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The Power of Silent Prayer

Updated: May 5, 2020

I took a leadership training class at a local church and the presenter looked around the room and pointed her finger directly at me and said, “You, in the green sweater. I have a word for you.” I wasn’t really expecting to get a prophetic word, but hey, I love hearing God’s voice and it is probably my biggest passion in life. So I sat up in my seat and listened intently. She continued, “The Lord says you are a beat down warrior...” As soon as those words left her mouth it felt like my soul split wide open and tears streamed down my face. As she kept talking, I kept crying. She ended her word by saying, “My best years are ahead of me.”

In that moment of time, I felt like the Lord truly saw me. Sometimes we get so busy in the hustle and bustle of life that we don’t pay attention to our own feelings or painful emotions, but God does.

I was hurting and He knew it. He gave me a word through an anonymous teacher that brought healing and hope to a painful situation.

My question to you is this, have you ever been to a place of brokenness that you didn’t even have words for prayer anymore? Have you ever been to a place in life where you felt like you couldn’t stand and declare the same scriptures anymore? Well I have.

I came to a place where I didn’t want to pace, declare, and stand in my own strength anymore. I just wanted to sit in the presence of the Lord. That’s it.

I have always read scriptures of “being still” and “waiting on the Lord to renew my strength,” but I didn’t really think much of them, until now.

I have friends that have lost children, lost a father, lost a mother, walk through a painful divorce, and more!

Sometimes life is so painful, and all we can do is SIT in His presence. And that is ok. The Creator of the universe wants to connect with you and He CAN do that without YOU speaking one word and without Him speaking a single word.

So what is silent prayer?

Silent Prayer is quieting your mind and your heart while connecting to the presence of the Lord without words, thoughts or actions. That is a simple definition but not such a simple feat in our fast paced society.

Think of it like the core of your being connecting to the core of God’s being.

What a beautiful concept of Him being the vine and us being the branches.

Mother Teresa was once asked about her prayer life. The interviewer asked, “When you pray, what do you say to God?”

Mother Teresa replied, “I don’t talk, I simply listen.”

The interviewer then asked, “Ah then, what is it that God says to you when you pray?”

Mother Teresa replied, “He also doesn’t talk. He also simply listens.”

In these crazy COVID-19 times, I need to “Be still and know He is God.” There are lots of questions and uncertainties we are all facing. How long will we be home? When will life get back to normal? How much damage has this virus done, and how long will it last?

Can I challenge you to sit in the presence of the Lord for ten minutes a day for ten days straight in total silence? I think it will change your whole life.

Silent prayer isn’t complicated.

Follow these easy steps:

1. Sit down in a comfortable place. Avoid lying down because many people get so relaxed they fall asleep.

2. Quiet your mind and close your eyes.

3. Center your awareness on the infinite presence of God within your heart.

4. Let the Holy Spirit lead you beyond the noise of this world.

5. Let yourself experience the healing presence of the Lord. Simply be with the Lord without any need for thoughts or words. Feel His love and soak in it.

Set a timer on your phone so you can really focus in on your moment with the Lord without distraction.

Here at the Beautiful Basics, we are cheering you on. He sees you. He sees your pain, even when you are avoiding it. He loves you, and He loves sitting with you even in complete silence.

Never forget that you are deeply loved!

I also found a guided silent prayer online that was useful to me and I use it frequently.


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