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Family Passover Made EASY!!!

As Christians, this is a pivotal year for Passover and we wanted to take the time to honor it as a family.

But when I started researching how to prepare a Passover meal with all the food, songs, prayers and symbolism, I was quickly overwhelmed with all it encompassed….UNTIL I found a step by step youtube tutorial for children.

This tutorial walks you through every single step of the Passover. All I had to do was prepare the meal, the Seder plate, set the table, and watch 15 short videos with the family. I know 15 videos sounds like a lot but they are just a couple minutes each and we really enjoyed it!

I love that the videos were geared towards children because it helped keep their attention and it really made the Passover experience fun and lighthearted.

Here is the preparation simplified.

First things first, this is what we put on our table for the first part of the evening:

· A special tablecloth to mark how special the night is together!

· Two candles

· Fresh picked flowers from our flowerbed

· Fancy cups to drink out of

· Matzo (found mine at Trader Joe’s)

· A big empty bowl and a jar of water for hand washing

· And of course the Seder Plate!

Now I want to take a moment and share what is on the Seder Plate:

· Hard boiled Egg

· Parsley

· Celery sliced

· Horseradish sauce

· Charoset – this is just a mix of apples, walnuts, cinnamon and grape juice

· Lamb bone – I didn’t have one so I just printed a picture of a lamb bone and put it on the plate

When you talk about the Seder Plate, it is really good to have a print out on the table explaining the symbolism of each Item. Here is the one I placed on my own table:

We worked hard in the yard all day so we had our kids take showers and put on their pajamas before we began our special night together.

We put the laptop right on the table and participated in every step of the Passover meal. She sang the chants, prayed the prayers and explained the mysteries Jewish people hold close to their hearts.

She walked us through the lighting of the candles, praying over our drinks and the ceremonial washing of hands.

There is a time during the meal when you tell the story of the Israelites escaping Pharaoh’s enslavement and remember the miracles that the Lord worked on their behalf.

You can make that as long or short as you desire, but our little children got the 4 minute super quick version because that was all their wiggly bodies could handle…

For the dinner portion of the evening I kept it simple and made a lamb stew in my instapot, a side of rice, deviled eggs, and pizza for the boys.

Lamb Stew recipe here:

Overall, it was an amazing experience and we plan to do this annually as a family!

Just a word of caution there were many spills, matzo crumbs, and messes!

But isn’t that a perfect picture of us humans anyways. Most of the time, we are a bit of a mess and we always need Jesus to come along side us, work His miracles, and put us back together, and free us from our bondages.

So our prayer is that you take this Passover week to commemorate the miracles the Lord has done for you, in you and through you.

Because after all, the miracle worker not only lives in you, He desires to do miracles through you so that you could be a beacon of light and unity to the growing darkness around us.

I want to leave you with a quote from Rabbi Jonathan Sacks - “I don’t need you to agree with me, I need you to care about me.”

Whether you agree with the rituals of Passover or not, I think all believers can agree that He is a God that STILL works miracles and taking a moment in time to remember that is important for all of us.

Love fills our heart for each of you and your homes. Be filled with His peace and His presence in these trying times.

Here at the Beautiful Basics we are cheering you on! Love you all!


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