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Family Traditions...

The holidays are such a special time with friends, family, and loved ones. Growing up things were oftentimes difficult. But I do remember some sweet traditions that we seemed to do most years…one tradition was that we opened our presents every year on Christmas Eve.

I remember one year in particular, Dad drove us to get a root beer while mom pretended to wait for Santa (she actually was putting out the presents). When we came back too soon, she stuck her head out the front door and proclaimed, “Santa hasn’t made it yet, come back later because I think he’s in the neighborhood.” And we giggled with excitement and tried to see if we could see him on the rooftops of the houses.

I am really big on creating memories for my family especially for my children and grandchildren. I like to do special things every year so they anticipate the excitement of something fun. This year we added a new tradition to our family. We had some friends come by our house a couple days before Christmas and they shared how every year they do a treasure hunt with their children for their gifts. The lights went off in my head and I knew that this was one new tradition that we had to try. My husband, Lloyd, is very poetic (he likes to make rhymes) and this was right up his alley! So, as we prepared the house for all the family to come we started thinking up clues and rhymes. The clues seemed to flow from him like water. He can make a rhyme out of just about anything. At one point he had to leave, so as he was walking out the door, I nonchalantly said, “hey, I’ll finish writing these clues while you are gone.” Well, the moment he left apparently so did the creativity. I sat there looking at the page, and looking at the page, and looking at the page…then it dawned on me, “I’ve got nothing!” So, rhyming is not my thing! I carefully, set it aside and waited for him to return and when he did, he quickly finished each clue. Lloyd has a fun sense of humor – for the adult hunt he placed one of the clues in a bag with a weight at the bottom of the pool. All four of our adult children stood at the edge of the pool and each one was saying, “I’m not getting in the water - it is too cold!”….our ten year old grandson stood behind them saying, “Why don’t you just use the net?” They totally ignored him and just stood there complaining that they were not going in after the clue! Our grandson, once again stated, “Why don’t you just use the net?” Laughing he went and got the net and fetched the clue out of the water for the adults. Isn’t it just like us, we look at the problem and we can’t see the solution because we are so focused on the issue. But it takes faith (and sometimes wisdom) of a child. In Psalm 8:2, “From the lips of babes and infants you have established strength…”

My family had a great time hunting for their treasures. This was one of the best Christmases I’ve ever had. I loved watching them work together for each clue. I loved watching them laugh and make fun of the clues. I loved watching them just being them. My heart definitely was overflowing with love and gratitude. Love for them and for my God; gratitude that God has blessed me with such a wonderful family.

Enjoy your life together. Make it fun, create traditions that bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones and enjoy this wonderful, magical season that our Heavenly Father has given us. Here at The Beautiful Basics we are cheering you on. We love you guys!


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