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Kids Morning/Evening Routines

I recently taught a Time Management class at the local pregnancy center. My heart is filled with love every time I walk through their doors because I see moms of all ages, races and backgrounds looking for love and support.

Most moms there don’t know how to meal plan for their families or create simple routines for their homes so when I taught my class on Time Management I shared my Morning/Evening Routine Sheet.

Our morning consists of 7 quick steps that include getting dressed, making the bed, eating breakfast, tidying the kitchen, brushing teeth, fixing hair, and feeding the animal. All together the morning routine takes 30 – 45 minutes to complete.

The evening routine also has 7 steps. The first step is to pick up toys before dinner.

Then I ask the boys to set the table while I cook. Trenton usually does the plates while Zane does the silverware and cups.

During dinner we usually pick silly questions to ask each other while we talk about our day.

We all drink sweet tea with our plates full of yummy food while hearing what’s on each other’s hearts. I get to hear what they are passionate about and what they want to be when they grow up.

There is nothing like a good meal around a table with the ones you love the most!

After dinner, the next routine tip is to pick up the kitchen or at least have the kids put their own dishes in the sink.

Then the boys get a quick bath or shower, brush their teeth then a bedtime story and prayer.

We try to read them a story every night, but let’s be real, it doesn’t always happen.

But there is one thing we do every night without fail; we say a prayer and a blessing over them. My oldest son makes me pray that he will have dreams from heaven and my middle child wants 4 kisses and 4 hugs every night before bed because, after all, he is 4 years old.

In our evening routine, I pray they grow into mighty warriors for Jesus Christ. I pray they keep their eyes on the Father and not spend one day in enemy territory. I pray they walk with the Holy Spirit in boldness and confidence, to live the life God wrote out for them before they were even born.

The days are long and the years are definitely short and I never want to forget these sweet nights we have together. I will always cherish our evening routines especially while they are so small. I feel like I am soaking up every bit of baby still left inside their growing bodies because pretty soon they will be teenagers that might not want me to pray over them and give them 14 hugs and 14 kisses every night before they sleep. But I just might do it anyways…

Here at The Beautiful Basics we are cheering you on! If you want a copy of our morning evening routine, click the link below and print for free!

We love you guys!


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