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Tea & Testimony

One of the greatest weapons believers carry is their testimony. I have shared mine at the local pregnancy center, a women's conference, a local MOPS group, at my job, at a local church luncheon, you name it, wherever I go, I share. I always slip the sweet name of Jesus in a conversation whenever I can, until someone gives me the crazy look while they back away slowly…😊

I'm excited about sharing my testimony because it usually shocks people, and I love that. We should be unrecognizable, drastically changed, and forever marked with His presence in our life after we submit ourselves to Jesus Christ.

Sharing my testimony is one of my greatest joys! I have yet to share it without shedding tears because Jesus still wrecks my heart with his grace and mercy. I never get tired of hearing my mom's testimony and how the Lord healed her heart and our broken relationship.

If you are looking to do something special for Mother's Day with the ladies in your church or a local women's group, why not throw your very own Testimony and Tea Party? What better way to celebrate Mother's Day than hearing a mother-daughter duo speak about how Jesus changed their lives and healed their hearts?

My mom, Sandy Bohac, will share her traumatic childhood and I will talk about my rebellious teenage years and how the Lord healed and redeemed it all!

Reach out to us at The Beautiful Basics if you want us to speak at your next women's event! We are seeing places open up and we already have three in-person events booked in the month of May. We are excited to share our testimony and we won't hold back...we will give ALL the praise and ALL the honor to Jesus!

Ain't no shame in our Jesus game! We are looking forward to sipping with you Sisters.

Much love,

Jenn Simmons

Call us at 361-935-5563 or email us at


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